Regional contact

Thierry OMNES Manager Entrepreneur Club Interfrench Québec

Thierry Omnes is in charge of the Entrepreneurs Club. Contact him to become part of this Club in Québec

Maxime De Nanclas Partnerships Manager

Contact Maxime if you consider a partnership with Interfrench Québec

Guillaume Blanche Members Manager

Contact Guillaume to become member of Interfrench Québec

Contact for international matters

For help with the web site or the intranet, please send an email to

For international matters, or to propose to create a new chapter, contact Pierre-Jean CHARRA, President and co-founder.

Pierre-Jean Charra

Pierre-Jean CHARRA is one of the two main founders of Interfrench. He had first the idea of creating the network in California in September 2000 and is in charge of developping it internationally.
He is the person to contact if you wish to create a new chapter or if you want to become an international partner of Interfrench.
As he is also manager of French Executives, you may also contact him if you wish to belong to our international network of Francophile Entrepreneurs and VIPs.

Tel: 06 16 02 38 21 – Email:

Send a message to Pierre-Jean Charra